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Understanding Idling Regulations in New York City

In this blog below, you can learn more about the various regulations around engine idling in New York City and the fines associated with it.

The Advantages of an Electric APU

Discover the some of advantages of using an electric APU over a diesel APU and how it can help your fleet and drivers.

Common Problems with Liftgate Performance

Discover the common issues that can arise with liftgate performance and how they can impact your operations.

How to Avoid Idle Fines

Over the past few years, almost half of all US states have enacted laws aimed at eliminating engine idling for more than three to five minutes. In...

Blackburn Energy - A Graphic Novel

Founder & CEO Andrew Amigo Featured on Trucker Tools Blog

Blackburn's Founder and CEO Andrew Amigo was featured in the Trucker Tools Blog. Andrew shares his motivation for inventing a technology and starting...

RelGen: Fuel Savings, Financial Benefits and CO2 Reduction Report

Click here to download the full ECRL UMass Lowell Study of RelGen's fuel and emissions savings!

Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. Invests in Blackburn Energy

Companies collaborate to create worldwide availability of commercial vehicle electrification solution

Protecting Fleets from Nuclear Verdicts: A Conversation with Josh Kelly, Founder of Fleet Wide Consulting

Josh Kelly is the founder and owner of the South Boston based Fleet Wide Consulting, a firm dedicated to servicing smaller fleets and helping them...

The limitations of engine-mounted alternators & the future of 48V: A conversation with alternator expert Dan Smith

Dan Smith is an alternator expert who has worked in the rotating electrical manufacturing sales and distribution field for 48 years!! He works for...