Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. Invests in Blackburn Energy

Companies collaborate to create worldwide availability of commercial vehicle electrification solution

To advance a cleaner and more efficient way to move parts, supplies and commodities throughout the U.S. and globally, Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. (TAI) announced today its Series A investment in Blackburn Energy, Inc. (Blackburn), the maker of RelGen®, a globally patented hybrid charging system with the capability to reduce the greenhouse gas emission problem in transportation.  

“Our investment in Blackburn supports Toyota Tsusho’s global commitment to sustainability,” said Joel Logan, vice president and division head of Global Parts and Logistics at TAI. “RelGen has robust functionality and is a timely solution for anti-idling and emission reduction, but also creates value by reducing fuel and maintenance costs. We are excited about the future of clean trucking and the possibilities created by this new investment.” TAI will have the exclusive right to make RelGen technology available in the U.S. and internationally to its affiliates and group companies in its global network.  

“RelGen is a paradigm shift in clean transportation, turning all commercial vehicles into platforms that create, store, use and deliver clean energy,” said Andrew Amigo, Blackburn’s Founder and CEO.  “Blackburn Energy’s RelGen is combination of hybrid drive and kinetic energy recovery systems creating a new category in mobility: Hybrid ChargingRelGen accelerates commercial transportation decarbonization by creating clean electricity for existing transportation systems (without costly infrastructure investment) offsetting the need to burn fossil fuels on any type of heavy truck, including diesel, natural gas, hybrid drive or even full electric.” 

An Affordable, Easy Alternative  

Hybrid Charging can help provide a solution to the world’s most complex environmental challenges at an incomparable price-point in the market. RelGen generates clean electric power from the rotation of the driveshaft to provide clean power for all heavy truck appliances, liftgates, electric AC, engine components, 48-Volt conversion or as the power source in a Vehicle to Grid (V2G) solution, and so much more.  Not only does RelGen eliminate the need to engine idle today, this fuel-saving technology doubles the amount of energy available on a truck to optimize accessory performance, power autonomous vehicle systems and/or extend the range for electric vehicles.  In effect, RelGen gives most truck owners on the road today the potential to produce, store and use clean energy for a less than one-year return on investment in fuel savings alone.  

“At Blackburn, we believe that if you provide people with cost-effective market-based clean energy solutions those people will change the world today and long into a much cleaner future” Amigo said. “This new collaboration with Toyota Tsusho is a new beginning for Blackburn and a much-needed jolt for clean transportation.” 

About Blackburn Energy, Inc. 

Blackburn Energy, Inc., (“Blackburn”) is a technology company focused on creating clean energy solutions capable of rapid global adoption that help solve the world’s toughest environmental challenges.  Blackburn’s mission is to connect people with clean power through the creation, manufacture and distribution of clean energy technologies that are simple, robust, durable, and capable of installation by anyone on the planet. Blackburn believes that if you provide people with cost-effective market-based clean energy solutions they will change the world. Blackburn focuses on bottom-up solutions immediately accessible to the broadest swath of humanity and eschews the trickle-down technology approach of traditional tech development.  Located in Amesbury, MA, founded and invented by Andrew Amigo in 2014, Blackburn is the manufacturer, and distributor of RelGen®, a globally patented hybrid charging solution that is decarbonizing transportation. 

About Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. 

With over 60 years in America, Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. (“TAI”) is a multi-market, multi-business enterprise with expertise in exporting and importing, new manufacturing, intermediate goods processing and logistics in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. With a team of nearly 5,000 and 71 locations across North America, TAI strives for comprehensive excellence by cultivating a vibrant culture of creativity, reliability, accountability, flexibility and teamwork to activate the full potential of all employees, customers, suppliers and communities. For more information, visit: 

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