RelGen: Fuel Savings, Financial Benefits and CO2 Reduction Report

Click here to download the full ECRL UMass Lowell Study of RelGen's fuel and emissions savings!

This data analysis by the Energy & Combustion Research Labratory (ECRL) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell shows that hybrid charging is a cost-effective and productive tool to solve three interconnected crises for the $1.32 trillion global commercial vehicle market: (1) the lack of available electric power on commercial vehicles without running the engine; (2) rising carbon emissions because of engine idling; and (3) limited use of efficient electric components and accessories for commercial trucks due to lack of electricity.

ECRL certifies that the fuel and emissions savings from this product were as described in the report.
ECRL examined the data from 2 trucks with Blackburn Energy’s RelGen® installed. The first use case was for a truck with a power liftgate. The second use case was for a long-haul sleeper cab. Both trucks were in service with their respective fleets and were used without regard to the presence of RelGen. This study informs fleet owners about the actual performance of the technology as they might use it to show them their potential savings and to help them identify fuel savings opportunities that can be achieved with the addition of RelGen on their trucks. 


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