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How to Prevent Dead Electric Pallet Jacks with Hybrid Charging

Electric pallet jacks are rapidly becoming a crucial piece of equipment in the delivery world. They remind us of power liftgates 10 years ago when...

3 Tips to Prevent Premature Battery Failure in Cold Weather

Blackburn's Sales Director Mark Moreschi had a stellar career in battery sales and replacement before joining Blackburn Energy. Laynie interviews him...

Part 2: Configuration Tips for Fleet Managers to Improve Electric APU Performance

This is the second post in our two-part series: How to Maximize the Performance of Your Electric APU. In this second part, we will focus on tips for...

What are RelGen's advantages over DC/DC converters and solar panels?

Charging with RelGen is far more effective than using DC/DC converters or solar. Hear what Andrew Amigo has to say about each technology.