Rudy Scarito Joins Blackburn Energy as Strategy and Finance Leader

AMESBURY, Mass., Nov. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Blackburn Energy Inc is pleased to announce that Rudy Scarito, a finance executive with extensive experience leading and transforming companies while holding positions with Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers, has joined the firm. Scarito will be responsible for developing and leading key Corporate Strategy and Finance initiatives.

Rudy Scarito Joins Blackburn Energy as Strategy and Finance Leader.
Rudy Scarito Joins Blackburn Energy as Strategy and Finance Leader.

"Blackburn Energy is extremely proud to have Rudy join our company," said Andrew Amigo, CEO and Founder. "We've made great progress launching and building our company. Rudy will help us take it to the next level. She's a true professional with exceptional skills."

"I am thrilled to join Andrew and his team," said Scarito, "Blackburn's market segment, transportation electrification, is a dynamic area solving critical global sustainability challenges. Blackburn has proven technology, key industry partners, a first-class team, and is poised for explosive growth."

Blackburn creates renewable energy from the mechanical world. Their flagship product is RelGen®, a patented hybrid charging technology that saves fuel, improves truck uptime, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the $1.32 trillion global commercial trucking market.  RelGen captures energy, converts it to electricity, then saves it in a battery faster than any other commercially available solutions. The stored energy can be used in limitless ways to solve increasing energy requirements in trucking. As more electric sensors, accessories and components are added to trucks the demand for energy grows. However, a truck's ability to generate electricity is constrained by the engine alternator and storage limitations, resulting in insufficient energy supply. The increased demand combined with limited supply create an energy gap.  RelGen solves the energy gap.

Jacinda Duran third generation truck driver says RelGen is a difference maker.
Jacinda Duran third generation truck driver says RelGen is a difference maker.

Jacinda Duran, a third-generation truck driver and social media influencer (@jacindaladytruckn on Instagram), recently featured on the Emmy's with Jimmy Fallon representing the trucking industry, noted that "many drivers encounter battery charging issues, and don't always have enough power to run their heating and cooling systems, TV's, computer's, CPAP machines, microwaves and refrigerators." She likes RelGen's ability to deliver 200 amps of charging power while the truck is in motion. "It's a real difference maker."

Blackburn captured data from trucks using RelGen and found that a long haul truck can eliminate up to 100% of idle, save up to 11 gallons of diesel per day or about $7,500 in fuel per year (a one-year ROI). RelGen lowers maintenance costs by reducing engine wear and saving on diesel particulate aftertreatment costs by removing the electric load from the engine. Eliminating idling has a positive impact on many truck warranties. UMass Lowell's Energy Combustion and Research Lab has verified Blackburn's data and calculations.

Focus on Growth
"Rudy's an incredibly bright and hard-working person. She's a Dartmouth and Harvard alum, who brings skills and experience we need to transform Blackburn and solidify our place as a leader in transportation electrification," commented Andrew Amigo. "We're focused on growing the company and she's an ideal person to help us."

About Blackburn Energy
Blackburn Energy, Inc., is a leading provider of electrification solutions for commercial vehicles and fleets in North America, with more than 500,000 customer miles traveled, and over 162 metric tonnes of CO2 sequestered.  Blackburn's globally patented hybrid charging system, with an ROI of one year, eliminates up to 100% of engine idle, provides clean power to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and offers independent 48-volt closed loop power to electrify engine components.  Blackburn increases fleet profitability, reduces operating costs, and increases driver retention while achieving sustainability goals. Blackburn Energy's RelGen was named one of the best innovations in trucking in 2019 by the Technology and Maintenance Counsel of the American Trucking Association. 

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