A New Paradigm for Driver Retention

Are Electric Technologies to Improve Driver Comfort Worth the Investment?

We Say Yes.

For professional over the road drivers, the truck is their home while away from home, and like all of us, if your home environment is harsh you will seek to change it.

While pay is typically the number one reason cited for drivers leaving fleets, lack of respect is a close second. According to a survey conducted by Randall-Reilly and CCJ, 66% of drivers feel that fleets cannot retain drivers because “they don’t respect drivers and the job they do enough or treat them as part of the team . Driver health and wellness issues are also cited as top reasons for leaving a fleet. The lack of the basics - good food, AC and heat, a comfortable driver’s seat, ability to communicate with family, entertainment options during sleeper bunk layovers – all greatly effects driver’s decision to stay with a fleet or seek greener pastures.

Despite investment in new equipment and technology, structural issues remain that keep driver turnover at record levels which drives up costs and reduces cash flow and profits. According to FreightWaves magazine, the average cost of driver turnover is $11,500 per driver. Total turnover costs to the truckload industry is estimated to be about $8.8 billion per year.

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